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Constructed of aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel, these shutters are designed for durability and easy operation. Our comprehensive line of security shutters affords both reliability and peace of mind.​​​​

Overhead Door™ security shutters provide an array of attractive solutions for a spectrum of retail, commercial and industrial applications.​ Our side-folding grilles boast the shortest stacking dimension of any grille available today and feature a handsome clear anodized finish in various patterns and optional colours. We also offer a line of upward-coiling grilles.

Security Grilles for protecting your business

Security Grilles

Product Features

Security that’s both practical and stylish. A wide range of options adds versatility and style in a standard anodized finish and a spectrum of colour options.

High-performance, low maintenance. The choice of aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel offers a choice of curtain materials to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of almost any environment.

Innovative engineering enhances design capabilities. Advanced performance upward-coiling or side-folding grilles. The shortest-stacking, lowest-profile side-folding grille available on the market.

Optional Electric Options. Enhanced security and easy-to-use features that offer peace of mind.

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Security grilles protecting parking garage

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Security grilles blocking access

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Security grilles protecting business

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We know that your commercial doors can take a beating. That’s why we build quality, tough commercial doors to withstand the daily wear and tear of owning and operating a business.

With locations in Lethbridge, Calgary, and Cranbrook, we’re here to help with your new commercial garage door installation or service anytime.

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Door Options

EverServe™ Springless Security Grilles
A performance-driven solution built upon the EverServe™ platform provides an upward coiling security grille optimized for high cycle life.

Upward Coiling Security Grilles
Upward-coiling grilles provide an attractive yet functional means to secure areas where public access must be restricted.

Side-Folding Full Enclosure Security Grilles
Ideal for applications that require a secure barrier against theft and debris, such as retail applications in malls and airport concourses.

Advanced Performance Upward Coiling Security Grilles
Advanced performance in industrial, security and general commercial applications where tenants’ security, long-term asset value and minimized interruption to facility access are primary concerns.

Side-folding Open Air S​ecurity Grilles
When security is a priority, but you want to maximize air circulation, light infiltration and visual access to interior spaces, the side-folding open-air security grilles are ideal.

PowderGuard® Premium powder coat finish options

​PowderGuard® Premium powder coat finish options are available in approximately 200 colors as well as custom matching to specification available on hood, curtain, guides, headplates. For a smooth, durable finish consider powder coat to match aluminum clear or bronze anodized.

Powder Guard Finishes

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