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At The Overhead Door Company®, we continue the heritage of an American brand over a century old and do not take that responsibility lightly. As the genuine and original garage door company, we strive to maintain C.G. Johnson’s vision when he invented the overhead garage door and laid the foundation for our operation back in 1921! Every door we ship embodies that vision, and every piece of equipment we install is a tribute to the brand’s enduring legacy. When you choose The Overhead Door Company®, you aren’t just selecting a place to do business; you are supporting more than 100 years of American hard work and timeless innovation.
Alee Syed
June 19, 2024
Ben Bromilow
June 6, 2024
My garage door completely broke at 7am when leaving for work. I called Overhead Door and explained I was needing a new door. They explained the 1st step would be getting me functional again while we look at the replacement options. Jay called right back and was over within 30 mins to do a repair. During the repair we got to talking about the replacement options and as fate would have it they had something in stock to suit. We switched gears from a repair to a new install and that began almost immediately. By 3pm that afternoon it was fully installed and done. The door looks and works great and all within the same day!. Can confidently say these guys are great! Thanks again to Jay and Ken for the great work!
John Saunders
April 18, 2024
Had a door and opener installed last year by Caleb, super great service. Called yesterday for a service for what turned out to be a simple fix. Don called and showed up immediately and fixed the problem. Fantastic friendly service and a super nice guy!!. Thanks for the great service.
Derek Kent
April 15, 2024
Thank you Sam for setting up the servicing and maintenance appointment for my garage door, and thank you Don for getting out here so quick to take a look. I really appreciate it! The door is running smoothly again! Glad I called before this routine maintenance became a repair job!
Kent Richardson
April 1, 2024
Elwin and Jay did a great job in helping me. They knew there stuff and educated me! They are two great employees!!
March 28, 2024
Michael Stewart
March 22, 2024
Ken L came out to diagnose and repair a couple of door pushpads for me. Awesome guy, very helpful and quick service. Absolutely would recommend.
Carey Anderson
March 10, 2024
I would like to thank everyone at Overhead Doors Lethbridge for their professionalism and promptness in getting our garage door fixed. The gears in our old opener crapped out. The people at ODL had a team come and access the problem and they had a new door opener system installed in a matter of 3hrs. Carey Anderson
Bud Wilton
March 8, 2024
I want to thank Brandon Raiche of Overhead Door, in Lethbridge, for his help today. He was informative without being confusing and easily understood what I was about to undertake. His animated pointers on how to safely replace, and adjust, a broken counterbalance spring were spot on. Thanks Brandon.
Donna S
February 14, 2024
Thank you Brandon. Even though my issue was with my security system (which I wasn’t aware that this was the case ) your kindness, and willingness to take the time to explain showed a high level of professionalism. I will definitely call if I ever have issues with my overhead door.