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The steps and techniques of a garage door repair

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Steps and techniques of a garage door repair

The function of a garage door is relatively simple – the opener works to lift the door itself and allows it to shut safely. It’s designed to handle daily, consistent use. While the mechanics are straightforward, professional technicians use certain steps and techniques to complete garage door maintenance and repairs.

When it comes to such an important part of your home, it helps to understand what’s involved in a garage door service. It also highlights the training and skill needed to do the job safely. In this article, we’ll tell you some of the most common steps that a licensed garage door company takes during a scheduled service.

Techniques of a garage door repair
Techniques of a garage door repair

Garage door service

The garage door itself moves on metal tracks with a heavy spring that provides the power. The most critical component here is the heavy-tension spring that can cause serious injury if it’s not handled with care. Some of the techniques that a professional technician will take when repairing a garage door include:

  • Checking the metal tracks and mounting brackets for damage
  • Tightening loose bolts and fasteners
  • Examining the tracks for dents and rust
  • Replacing tracks that are extensively damaged
  • Ensuring the tracks are level and aligned
  • Cleaning the tracks and rollers
  • Checking for loose screws on the door itself
  • Checking the hinges on roll-up doors for any damage

Once the garage door itself is examined for damages and repaired, the technician will typically advise you about any potential issues that may arise in the future. You’ll also be given preventive maintenance tips and any recommendations on necessary repairs or replacements.

Garage door opener repairs

Whether you’re looking to have your current garage opener repaired or a new one installed, getting the job done by a professional will save you time and hassle. The technician will likely have repaired and installed hundreds of garage door openers or have the required training and certification to do so.

Here’s what a professional garage door technician will do when you call for a garage door opener service:

  • If it’s a new installation, mark the location of the garage door opener and mount the opener that will ensure the door doesn’t strike the rail when it opens
  • If it’s a repair, troubleshoot why the garage door opener is malfunctioning
  • Check for damage to the wiring, circuit board, and remote
  • Examine the gear drive for wear and tear

The above are just a few of the steps that a garage door technician may take to identify the problem. When it comes to garage door repairs, a seemingly simple fix can be a complex undertaking or what may seem like a large problem (for example, the garage door not opening at all) is actually an easy repair.

Most importantly, these steps and techniques ensure the safety of the workers and the homeowners. Before a technician signs off on completing the service, they will test the door and test it again to make sure that it’s operating smoothly.

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