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Choosing a Carriage House Garage Door for Your Garage Door Replacement

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Choosing a Carriage House Garage Door for Your Garage Door Replacement

Your residential garage door is the first thing you see when you arrive home and what most people notice when they pass by. When you have a unique property with charm and elegance, you want your garage door to match and enhance the overall look of your home. The Overhead Door Carriage House Collection has distinctive carriage house designs and superior insulated steel construction to create a beautiful, strong possibility for your new garage door.

Features of The Carriage House Collection

The Carriage House Collection offers the safety, efficiency and style that Overhead Door is known for, with various options for panel styles, colours, finishes, and window styles to create the perfect door to fit your home.

Safety Features

The Carriage House Collection garage doors have state-of-the-art sensors that detect obstructions and instantly reverse their movement, ensuring unparalleled safety in residential settings. They are built with robust steel, offering enhanced protection against potential break-ins, which is crucial for residential garage door replacement. With sophisticated locks, these doors add a layer of security, vital for homeowners seeking dependable residential garage doors.

Energy Efficiency

The top-tier insulation in these garage doors is crucial in minimizing energy loss, a significant factor for those seeking energy-efficient residential garage door replacement. Designed to combat drafts, water, and debris, the seals contribute to energy savings, aligning with the demands for efficient residential garage doors.


The Carriage House Collection offers the quaint look of swing-out barn doors combined with modern overhead functionality, perfect for enhancing the style of any residence. Homeowners can choose from various colours, finishes, window inserts, and hardware, tailoring the doors to their unique aesthetic, a key advantage in residential garage door replacement. Whether your preference is for the classic charm of wood or the modern appeal of steel, this collection offers diverse materials to suit any architectural style in residential settings.

The Carriage House Collection Benefits

Homeowners are constantly seeking ways to make their homes safer and more efficient to lower energy bills while improving the curb appeal of their properties. This collection ensures longevity and resistance to elements, reducing maintenance needs.

Made with the highest quality materials, the high level of insulation helps to maintain temperature control within your garage, leading to potential energy savings and improved comfort.

The Carriage House Collection offers various customizable options that add a classic, sophisticated look to your home, enhancing its curb appeal.

The Overhead Door Company provides certified technicians for installation, maintenance, and repair, ensuring your garage door functions optimally and safely. Installing any of our Carriage House Collection residential garage doors comes with a one-year, non-transferable, limited warranty, guaranteeing the highest standards of workmanship and materials.

Choosing Overhead Door for Your Garage Door Replacement

The Carriage House Collection of garage doors is a top choice for those looking to upgrade their residential garage doors. These doors provide a perfect blend of safety, efficiency, and style, making them an excellent investment for homeowners contemplating garage door replacement. Overhead Door is a leader in expert installation with the ultimate selection of garage doors and providing an exceptional customer experience. To learn more about our Carriage House Collection, visit our website.

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