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4 reasons you should hire a professional to install your garage door

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In this digital era, we have access to information at the tips of our fingers. Do a search on how to do a garage door installation, and you’ll get a handful of instructional videos for a DIY project. While you can certainly attempt to install a garage door yourself, there are a few things you should know before you start.

1. Professionals do a safety test

It’s simple – if the installation is not safe, we won’t do it. At Overhead Door Company, we would rather turn down a job than risk a garage door falling on you or a member of your household. While most garage door installations typically pass our green light for safety, we always want to ensure that the area is secure and the door makes sense for the building or home.

As professionals, we hear of many horror stories of injuries, improperly installed doors falling out of their openings, and damages that are beyond repair. These situations can be avoidable when the garage door installation is completed by a trained professional.

2. Not all openings are standard

If you’re learning how to install a garage door from a video online, the person is likely working with a standard-sized opening. Installation gets complicated when you’re working with different dimensions. If there are any issues with the level of the floor, the room above the door, or the area designated for the track, a professional can resolve these issues and find a solution.

The last thing you want is to find gaps between the door and the floor, the frame, or anywhere else after your door is installed. This compromises the security and safety of your home and building. Professional garage door installers fit the door to the exact size of the frame to ensure that it’s sealed and locked tight.

3. Efficiency comes with experience

What may take you an entire day or two to install a garage door may take a professional a few hours. If you’re thinking of a DIY garage door installation or replacement, consider the amount of time you’ll need to learn, gather materials, and ensure that you’re completing it correctly.

On top of the learning curve, you’ll need to find additional information for any hiccups that can happen during installation. When you consider what’s involved in a garage door installation and additional costs should anything go wrong, you may find that the cost of a DIY project can equal or even exceed the cost of hiring a professional.

4. Professional installation comes with a warranty

When you’re working with a reputable company, your garage door installation or replacement comes with a warranty. Typically, the service agreement includes a warranty period for the installation and a manufacturer’s warranty for the garage door. With a warranty, you’re guaranteed a proper installation and, should anything go wrong with your door during the warranty period, you are covered.


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