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4 tips for turning your garage into a play area for the kids

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One of the greatest advantages of having a garage is that it can be transformed for many different purposes, including a workshop, studio, gym, office, and play area for the family. If you’re looking to create a dedicated space for your children, but don’t have an extra room in your home, the garage may be the ideal spot. Check out our tips below for turning your garage into a play zone.


1. Schedule a garage door service

First things first, you’ll want to make a garage door service appointment for any necessary repairs. Let your garage door company in Lethbridge know that you’re converting your garage into a play area. They’ll make sure that the garage opener, sensors, springs, motor, and other components are in good condition for a safe children’s area.

2. Replace the garage door

Consider replacing the garage door with one that has windows to let light in and extra insulation for the winter months. Some materials, like wood, creates a warmer environment which is ideal for a playroom. If you’re planning to replace the garage door, be sure to do so before making any changes. Garage door technicians will need the garage empty for a smooth installation and it will be much easier to clean once the new garage door is installed.

3. Add light and heating

In Lethbridge, heating is necessary for a play area that can be used through the winter months and it will also protect the toys, books, video games, television, and other items in the room. Add extra lighting fixtures to brighten up space. It’s best to work with a professional when adding light and heating systems as improper wiring is a serious risk. We recommend doing this before adding any finish to the walls so you won’t need to cut any holes into the drywall.

4. Upgrade the floor and walls

Next, you’ll need to upgrade the concrete floor and unfinished walls to create a comfortable space. You have a few options for floors, including:

  • Rubber rolls or tiles for a padded surface that’s easy to install and clean
  • Foam mats for a soft surface and a less expensive alternative to rubber flooring
  • Carpet tiles for comfort and warmth
  • Floating laminate flooring to match the rest of your home

Before putting down flooring, be sure to clean the concrete floor and repair any chips or cracks. We recommend adding a vapour barrier in between the subfloor and the surface floor of your choice for an extra layer of protection.

Once you’ve added drywall, we recommend:

  • Painting the walls a bright and inviting colour
  • Re-using any garage accessories you have, such as pegs, hooks, racks, and other organizers for toys

5. Make it cozy and inviting

Last but certainly not least, make the space cozy and inviting with personalized items such as picture frames, a rug, and a small seating area for the kids. The little details will completely transform the space and make it unrecognizable that it was a garage before the transformation!


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