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5 Garage Door Security Tips

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Summer is officially here! While that means quality time in the sun, more outdoor activities, and gatherings, unfortunately, the warmer weather also means an increase in home burglaries. And the truth of the matter is, garage doors are an easy point of access for thieves. To help keep your home and family safe this summer (and all year round), we’ve gathered some of our top tips that will improve the security of your garage door.

Update your garage door opener

Modern garage door openers now have innovative security features, such as rolling code technology that generates a randomized code each time the garage door opens and closes, reducing the chances of a break-in. You can also access your garage door through a mobile app, which will alert you when someone has opened your garage door. This will give you time to alert authorities and prevent a potential break-in. The mobile app can also alert you when you’ve accidentally left your garage door open, which happens more often than you think!

If your garage door is running on an older opener, we recommend upgrading to newer technology and scheduling garage door maintenance and repair to make sure everything is working as it should. A malfunctioning garage door is a safety and security risk and requires the attention of a professional garage door company like Overhead Doors as soon as possible.

Light up entryways

Lighting is one of the many ways you can improve the security of your home as thieves are less likely to enter a brightly lit home at night. We recommend using pod lights in the front of the house and entryways and installing motion light detectors around the garage door to help scare off lurking intruders.

Re-enforce access points

Inspect all access points into your home, including garage side doors, the garage door leading into your home, the front door, the back door, and all windows. Make sure door and window frames are sturdy, repair or replace broken components, and upgrade old locks.

Have a visible security system

Using sensors that sound an alarm and having visible cameras will make your home less of a target. Visible cameras will add to the strength of your garage door security system. There are also sensors available that connect with a traditional security system that alerts you when someone has opened your garage door.

Close and lock the door between your home and garage

This one may seem simple, but it is the easiest way for theft to happen. Summer is the most common season for home invasions to occur as most people spend more time outside and are away from their house for longer periods. While it may be an inconvenience, be sure to lock the door between your home and your garage every time. Remember, intruders want to enter your home and leave as quickly as possible – having to pick another lock is time-consuming and they’re more likely to abandon their plan of breaking into your home.

Additional important tips for keeping your garage door secure:

  • Put a shield on the emergency door release
  • Don’t leave valuables lying around in plain sight
  • Keep your garage door in good condition and repair

Contact us for all of your residential and commercial garage door needs. We provide both on-call and regularly-scheduled maintenance to keep your garage doors operating efficiently year-round. With office locations in Lethbridge, Calgary & Cranbrook, you can count on us to be there when you need us.

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