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How to design a garage door based on the style of your home?

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How to design a garage door based on the style of your home

Getting a brand new garage door is like giving your home a mini makeover. A garage door that sits at the front of the home is often the focal point and the first thing that people see. For this reason, it should complement the rest of the house while also maintaining security and safety standards.

Fitting the aesthetic of the rest of the home should be an important visual consideration when looking at garage door style options. There is a wide selection of custom build possibilities.

Consider which materials best suit the visual style of your home

There are many materials to choose from with pros and cons for maintenance and design.

  • Wood – Can be stained in many different shades and is quite versatile. However, wooden doors need careful maintenance and can be vulnerable to weather wear.
  • Steel – This is the most often chosen material steel garage doors look great with lots of style options and can outlast wooden doors.
  • Aluminum – Very similar to steel doors, but requires less attention to keep them looking good and in working order. Bonus – no rust!
  • PVC/ Fiberglass overlays – Generally, cost more than metal but are more durable and come in a wide variety of choices.

Pay attention to the architecture of the home when choosing a garage-style

Curb appeal and overall appearance should be of high importance when selecting a stylish garage door. Installing a new garage door is the easiest way to increase the value of your home.

Garage door style options may be:

  • Contemporary/ Modern – To fit the style of this home, materials such as steel or aluminum work well. They often have original decorative glass and minimal, clean lines.
  • Victorian – Wood panelling with decorative hardware that matches the rest of the house such as iron hinges and handles is a style option for these types of homes.
  • Edwardian/ Cottage-Craft – Raised panels and a top arch or the traditional side-swing door built to have modern lifted convenience ring true to the era.
  • Ranch or Farmhouse – Wooden slats with plain finishes, simple hardware with the addition of windows that coordinate with the rest of the home finish this garage off nicely.

Incorporating colour correctly

A quick and easy transformation to update the home’s façade, which takes up to 30 percent of the front of the house, would be to choose a fitting colour. Pick up on accent colours used in the siding of your home or the trim of the windows. Choose colours to achieve a bold stand-out door to be featured or a natural blend for a more neutral look.

Use the siding of the home as a guide, look at colours in the stones or the mortar used between the brick, to choose a complementary colour. Use matching accents on the garage door that match the fixtures on the outside of the home.

Here is a simple colour theory that will help you choose:

  • Warm colours increase the richness and warmth of a home
  • Dark colours like black and dark green make a bold statement
  • White is a good colour to balance everything out

Finishing details

Finishing touches are features that contribute to the overall design and signature of the garage. It is the personal touch you choose to personalize the whole thing. Additions can be constructed such as an arbour for a more traditional look.

Panelling, hardware, decorative strapping, adding windows, or an arched top are a few to mention. Finishing touches should also be coordinated or match in colour to the current pallet of your home.

To match the front door to the garage, or not to match the front door to the garage that is the question.

The jury is undecided and the verdict changes with trends whether or not to match your garage door to the front door of your home. Some style experts would say the front door should stand out more than the garage if they are both facing the street. However, others would argue it has continuity to do matching doors. Ultimately, this one is up to personal style preference.

Choosing a garage door manufacture

Safety is not to be forgotten and should always be at the forefront of decision-making when choosing a garage door manufacturer. When deciding on a garage door manufacturer, it is important to look at safety and insulation. Balance function with visual appeal with the importance of safety.


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