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5 tips to help improve your garage door security

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5 tips to help improve your garage door security

If you thought robbers only targeted houses with no visible security cameras or open windows, you were wrong. Homes with garages are on the top of the burglary list, as they act as an easy access point and are the most vulnerable space of a home.

Statistics show that garage doors remain an easy target for thieves. However, there are many ways to help make your garage door secure and better guarded against intrusion attempts. Here are five tips to help secure your garage door with crafty ways to keep burglars away.


Lighting is one of the many features that you can use to improve the security of your garage. Good lighting is essential to deter criminals. Using pod lights to light up the front of the house or having motion light detectors help scare off lurking criminals exceptionally well.

Access points

A garage door is a primary entry point into a house, which means that garage burglaries account for a substantial portion of residential break-ins. Take extra precautions to re-enforce the side service door and keep the home entry door locked. Using a single-sided deadbolt will disable the ability for the lock to be picked from the outside.

Update your garage door opener

For most homeowners, a garage door opener is a convenient way to access entry into the garage. However, you might want to consider keeping your remote door opener on a keychain instead of clipped to the top of your car visor or in the glove compartment.

Updating the garage door opener will reduce burglars’ chances of using a scanner to get access codes. Switching to a newer technology, which generates a randomized code each time the garage door opens and closes, will reduce the chances of a break-in.

Have a visible security system

Using sensors that sound an alarm and having clearly visible cameras will make your home less of a target. Visible cameras will add to the strength of your garage door security system. There are also sensors available that connect with a traditional security system that allows you to know when the door garage door has opened with a notification.

Close the garage door

This one may seem simple, but it is the easiest way for theft to happen. Summer is the most common season for garage theft to occur. Most people spend more time outside, and they are not continuously watching this access point, or the door is forgotten open at night. The latest technology alerts your phone or mobile device if your garage door is left open.

Additional, important tips to keeping your garage door secure

  • Put a shield on the emergency door release
  • Don’t leave valuables lying around in plain sight
  • Keep your garage door in good condition and repair

Practicing these precautions will give you a reliable garage door security system, keeping you and your family safe.


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