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When it comes to the right commercial garage door for your business, it seems like a simple enough concept – finding a door that will essentially open and shut for entrance and exit. However, the purpose and application of commercial garage doors often get lost in the process.

Giving some careful thought and consideration to your commercial garage door includes taking other factors into account such as security, safety, durability, aesthetic, and convenience. Below are some of the most common industries that use commercial garage doors and the styles that are ideal for their environment.

Commercial Garage Door
Commercial Garage Door

Distribution Centres, Manufacturing, Warehouses, and Storage Facilities

For industrial garage doors that are built to withstand the heavy volume of traffic and extreme weather conditions, the most durable and reliable styles are:

• Steel sectional doors
• Steel high-speed doors
• Rolling service doors

Steel doors are amongst the toughest and low-maintenance commercial garage doors available. They are designed to work hard for heavy-duty facilities and can come insulated to maximize energy efficiency.

Mall and Airport Retail Stores

Retail establishments benefit from security grilles that can come in upward-coiling or side-folding models. These commercial doors are made of galvanized steel or aluminum for maximum security that allows for air circulation.

Many retail stores choose from an endless option of colours, patterns, materials, and unique designs to match the aesthetics of their business. Security grilles are easy to operate while providing an effective safety barrier against theft.

Hotels, Health Care and Schools

When it comes to facilities that need to prioritize the safety of patients, students, and staff, rolling fire doors provide an added element of safety in case of an emergency. When a fire alarm is activated, these doors automatically close to keep fire and smoke from spreading. Rolling fire doors need to be tested annually by a certified fire door technician to ensure that they are optimized for emergencies.

Dealerships, Car Washes, Automotive Services

For the automotive industry where commercial garage doors are used frequently, choosing the right door is an integral part of the business. One of the unique needs of automotive businesses is that they need a reliable garage door while providing the opportunity for potential customers to see the display of vehicles.

Glass sectional doors are ideal for maximizing visibility for a showroom while aluminum doors are a durable option for car washes and automotive services.

Parking Facilities

The speed and security of a commercial garage door is a must for parking facilities. For this reason, steel high-speed doors, grilles, or a solid steel door are a great choice depending on the level of security needed. Whether in a shopping centre, office building, or condo property, garage doors for parking facilities need to work quickly for the client’s convenience.

Choosing a Commercial Garage Door

The options for commercial garage doors are not limited to the above. Whether you operate a warehouse or a retail store, the right commercial garage door for your application should be functional and designed well to seamlessly match the needs of your building or space.

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