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Choosing Fiberglass For Your Residential Garage Door

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Do you want the aesthetic appeal of a wooden garage door without the maintenance? A fiberglass garage door captures the warmth and texture of wood grain without the required upkeep and at a more affordable price. The fiberglass surface captures the detail of natural wood while concealing a durable steel construction underneath.

At The Overhead Door Company of Lethbridge, Calgary, & Cranbrook, we service, repair, and install fiberglass residential garage doors. You have a variety of options when designing your fiberglass garage door to how you envision it. Choose from different colours like white, clay, gray, oak, red oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, green, and more with different window designs and panels, right down to the type of hardware.

The garage door, especially those that are front-facing, takes up quite a bit of real estate on your home so it’s worth taking care of the little details that will certainly pay off. Not only does a new, beautiful fiberglass garage door increase the value and curb appeal of your home, but you will also feel a sense of pride every time you pull up to the driveway.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a fiberglass residential garage door.

The benefits of a fiberglass garage door

  • A cost-effect and practical option – Although fiberglass is cheaper than wood and, depending on the design, can be cheaper than a steel door, a fiberglass garage door does not skimp out on quality. Because it is typically engineered with a steel core, this type of door offers both beauty, functionality, and strength. Fiberglass is within the same price range as an aluminum door, but offers better insulation.
  • Layered with insulation – To continue on that note, polyurethane insulation layers are placed between the fiberglass shells. Insulation helps keep warm air in and cold air out during the winter while keeping a comfortable temperature in your home over the summer months. An insulated garage door helps keep your energy bills low.
  • Lightweight with less maintenance – Fiberglass is a lightweight material, which puts less strain on garage door components and is easier to install. Although it is a light material, fiberglass garage doors are designed with a steel core which adds strength and durability.
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable – Unlike other wood, fiberglass does not contract or expand from temperature changes which are beneficial for a climate like Alberta. Fiberglass also does not warp or rot when exposed to moisture, making it a material that can really last and stand the test of time with our extreme weather conditions.

The Impression Fiberglass Collection® Model 7800

At The Overhead Door Company, we offer one of the finest products in fiberglass residential garage doors, the Impression Fiberglass Collection® Model 7800.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • Powder-coated hardware to ensure proper alignment.
  • Water-based clear coat to prevent exterior fading (must be applied every 1-3 years).
  • Both beauty and function with a clean aesthetic and smooth operation
  • Bottom weather seal guards for protection against wind and rain.
  • Foamed polyurethane insulation with an R-value of 7.6.
  • Reduced street noise and quieter operation because of the insulation.
  • Pinch-resistant door panels.

Whether you’re interested in a fiberglass residential garage door or you want to explore your options, take advantage of our useful Garage Door Designer tool. It’s an interactive software that allows you to use a picture of your garage door and play around with colours, styles, and materials to give you a better idea of the finished product.


Contact us for all of your residential garage door needs. We provide both on-call and regularly-scheduled maintenance to keep your garage doors operating efficiently year-round. With office locations in Lethbridge, Calgary, and Cranbrook, you can count on us to be here when you need us.

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