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Having a garage is convenient and keeps our vehicles safe, but it also provides access for intruders to enter the property. If you don’t already have an alarm system for your garage, it’s time to consider installing one for an extra level of security for your home. Below are different types of garage doors alarms, explained.

How do garage door alarms work?

Garage door alarms have a sensor that is activated if the garage door is opened or there is motion detected. When someone attempts to break in and trips the sensor, the sensor passes a signal and the alarm goes off to deter the intruder from entering your home. There are two different types of garage door alarm sensors you can install:

  • Tilt sensors – A tilt sensor is placed directly on the garage door and is activated whenever the garage door is opened.
  • Door contact sensors – This system consists of two parts – a sensor and a magnet. The magnet is placed on the garage door itself and the sensor is attached to the frame, close together to form a magnetic contact. They can also be installed on windows or the entry/exit door that lead into the property. This contact is broken when the door or window is opened and will activate the alarm. 

Vibration-detecting garage alarm 

Another less common option but one worth mentioning is a vibration-detecting alarm system. These sensors can be attached to the door, windows, roof or wall and are triggered by movement. One of the disadvantages of vibration-detecting sensors is that they can be sensitive and pick up movement from the weather or animals and cause false alarms. 

Smart garage alarm system

Thanks to smart technology, you can access your garage alarm system on your mobile device from anywhere in the world through an app. You can be alerted when the alarm is activated or if someone attempts to open the door. A smart system can connect to a camera so you can go back and watch any suspicious activity on your property. Depending on the camera system, you can also have a copy of a recorded video in the event that a theft does occur. It can serve as evidence for a police report and an insurance claim. 

Garage alarm as part of your home security system

Most modern home security systems now have a screen that informs you when a door or window is opened, including your garage door. Today’s alarm systems run on wireless technology that sends signals to the receiver when the sensors are triggered. This entire system can also run on smart technology so you always know when someone attempts to enter your home, an investment that is certainly worth your peace of mind. 


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