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Five Reasons to Buy a Thermacore® Door

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Five Reasons to Buy a Thermacore® Door

The Thermacore® Insulated Steel Garage Doors provide superior thermal efficiency and air filtration, keeping your commercial space warm throughout the winter. By installing these insulated doors, your business can significantly reduce energy waste and maintain consistent indoor temperatures, crucial for protecting equipment, valuable goods, and employee comfort against severe weather conditions.
The Overhead Door Company™ offers a comprehensive selection of insulated, sectional steel garage doors designed for commercial facilities that require enhanced protection against cold temperatures.
Investing in a Thermacore® commercial door for your business pays off in multiple ways. Here are five compelling reasons to consider these doors for your facility.

Exceptional Thermal Efficiency

Thermacore® commercial doors are designed with continuous, foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation, critical to their superior thermal efficiency. This type of insulation maintains stable temperatures within your facility, preventing energy loss and reducing heating costs during colder months.
The unique dual thermal break and joint seal between the door’s internal and external skins further minimizes air infiltration, ensuring that heat stays in during winter and out during summer, making these doors ideal for climate-controlled environments.

Enhanced Durability and Strength

These commercial doors are constructed from roll-formed, hot-dipped galvanized steel and offer an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and proven durability.
This robust construction means the doors can withstand the rigours of a high-traffic commercial setting without suffering damage. The two coats of baked-on polyester paint protect against rust and corrosion, ensuring the door remains in good condition for years to come.

Designed for High Usage and Low Maintenance

The Thermacore® door has high-usage components that promote longevity and require minimal maintenance. Features such as heavy-duty, precision-ground headplate bearings enhance counterbalance performance, while oil-tempered, heavy-duty torsion springs—available in up to 100,000 cycles—ensure a longer life for the door. The solid steel counterbalance shaft and heavy-duty track system reduce fatigue and deflection, minimizing the need for frequent repairs and adjustments.

Safety and Operational Security

Thermacore® commercial doors are equipped with safety features like a bottom-sensing edge that stops and reverses the door if it comes into contact with an obstruction. This feature prevents potential damage to the door and the obstruction and enhances safety for personnel working near the door. The additional center hinges and double-end stiles help distribute the load evenly across the door, reducing strain and wear on individual components.

Warranty and Customization

With a 10-year limited warranty against panel delamination and a 1-year warranty on the door itself, Thermacore® doors represent a sound investment that provides peace of mind. Their unique design allows for on-site customization, facilitating quick and precise installation, replacement, or repairs. This flexibility ensures the door system can be tailored to meet your facility’s specific needs, providing optimal performance and integration.

Thermacore® Commercial Doors from Overhead Door Company™

Choosing a Thermacore® door means investing in the longevity, safety, and efficiency of your commercial or industrial property. With advanced features and reliable performance, these doors are a high-quality and reliable solution for businesses looking to enhance their operational capabilities and protect their assets.
Maintaining a controlled environment is essential for businesses that store sensitive equipment and valuable goods. The insulation in these doors protects against extreme temperature fluctuations, ensuring that your assets remain operational and in good condition. If you’re considering enhancing your commercial space with an insulated garage door, contact Overhead Door Company™ for more information and professional installation services.

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