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When A High-Speed Commercial Overhead Door Makes Sense For Your Business

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The main purpose of a high-speed commercial door is to open and close quickly. High-speed doors bring many advantages, such as improved efficiency as it allows for quick movement throughout the facility, enhanced security, environmental containment, and pressure stability.

At Overhead Door Company of Lethbridge, Calgary & Cranbrook, we carry a wide variety of commercial overhead doors to suit your needs along with the following services:

  • Commercial overhead door installation – Our professional technicians are fully trained and certified to install new commercial garage doors so that it meets safety standards.
  • Commercial garage door services – Including scheduled routine maintenance, repairs, emergency services, and replacements.

High-speed commercial overhead door collection

The high-speed doors we carry are engineered for high cycles with a springless design that reduces the amount of maintenance needed. With opening speeds of up to 80” per second, this overhead door solution is ideal for high-traffic businesses where efficiency and productivity are required.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of high-speed commercial overhead doors options we offer.

High-Speed Metal Doors – Engineered for frequent use and with different design options to meet the aesthetics of the business. High-speed metal doors are commonly found in auto body shops, independent commercial garages, commercial warehouses, industrial facilities, and parking garages.

High-Speed Insulated Fabric Doors – Our RapidFreeze™ high-speed door is designed for interior applications such as a freezer and cooler area. The insulated curtain prevents heat loss and condensation with an optional heated curtain to meet the different thermal needs of certain facilities.

Insulated fabric doors are commonly found in food and beverage packaging facilities, food and beverage distribution centres, commercial kitchens, commercial food prep facilities, and warehouses or distribution centres that supply perishable items.

The quad-sealed, insulated guides prevent condensation and loss of cool air around the curtain, providing an air-tight and secure barrier. Heated guides prevent ice buildup and breakaway components limit downtime should a panel become damaged. High-speed insulated fabric doors are specially engineered for food and beverage storage.

High-Speed Fabric Doors – High-speed fabric doors come in both interior and exterior applications. At Overhead Door Company of Lethbridge, Calgary & Cranbrook, we offer the following high-speed fabric door models:

  • Model 990 – Interior high-speed fabric door with a flexible bottom for enhanced safety. Ideal for high-traffic manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical facilities, warehouses, and distribution centres.
  • Model 991 – Interior high-speed fabric door designed to withstand pressure. Ideal for separating controlled environment spaces such as cold storage, pharmaceutical facilities, food and beverage facilities, high-traffic zones, and sensitive environments where prevention of cross-contamination is needed.
  • Model 992 – Interior and exterior high-speed fabric door. The breakaway strutted design prevents damage to the whole door and minimizes repair and maintenance time. Commonly used for manufacturing facilities, food and beverage facilities, cold storage, warehouses, and distribution centres.
  • Model 993 – Heavy-duty exterior high-speed fabric door with a strutted design. Industry-leading safety features include 2 infrared obstruction detection sensors, a doorstop device, and reversing edge. This model is perfect for parking garages, auto body shops, heavy-duty warehouses, and distribution centres.
  • Model 994 – Heavy-duty exterior high-speed fabric door designed for large openings. Ideal for parking garages, mining, auto/transit facilities, and manufacturing facilities.

High-Speed Rubber Doors – Built for extreme, heavy-duty environments such as heavy manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution centres, and auto/transit centres. High-speed rubber doors are petrochemical-resistant and reinforced with a polyester weave to add strength without the added weight. Patent-pending curtain lock allows the door to withstand pressure and the strong rubber material can handle extreme outdoor conditions. Rubber is also a natural insulator, which can help with energy costs.

Choosing the right high-speed commercial overhead door

The right commercial overhead door for your commercial property depends on a few factors, including the type of facility you operate, building codes, safety regulations, and what the door will be used for. Our experienced garage door professionals can give you expert recommendations and honest advice.

Contact us for all of your commercial garage door needs. We provide both on-call and regularly-scheduled maintenance to keep your garage doors operating efficiently year-round. With office locations in Lethbridge, Calgary & Cranbrook, you can count on our team to be here when you need us.

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