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How to choose the most suitable commercial garage door opener

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Commercial Garage door opener Calgary

A commercial garage door is a workhorse for many companies, often operating continuously for several hours a day. The opener for commercial garage doors is an integral piece of equipment that can cause quite a disruption if it fails to work. 

This article covers what you need to know about commercial garage door openers, including the signs that an opener needs replacement and how to choose the right opener for your commercial garage door

Commercial Garage door opener
Commercial Garage door opener

Signs that a garage door opener needs replacement

Like any piece of machinery, commercial garage door openers begin to wear down over time. There are certain signs to look for that will indicate whether you need a brand new opener. A professional garage door technician can diagnose the problem and recommend a repair or a complete replacement.


Some common signs of a malfunctioning garage opener are:


  1. Complete failure to open – If you hear the motor trying to operate when you push the button, but the door fails to open, it’s more than likely an issue with the opener. 


  1. Excessive noise – Clanking, squeaking, or creaking noises are always a cause for concern when it comes to heavy commercial garage doors. If you notice any unusual noises, call us right away to have your garage door serviced. 


  1. Inconsistency – An unreliable door is a significant inconvenience for companies that rely on their commercial garage door to keep operations running on schedule. The culprit could be an underpowered ageing motor that needs a replacement. 


  1. Slow to open – Commercial garage doors are not designed to open at high speeds simply for the safety of others. However, if your commercial garage door is opening much slower than usual, the issue could be an ageing garage opener that’s having trouble lifting the door’s weight. 


  1. Old technology – For some companies, their garage opener is working fine, but they want to take advantage of new technology. The latest garage openers feature ultra-quiet operations, a higher cycle rating, and a more reliable system overall. 

Choosing the right commercial garage door opener

The industry’s quality assurance guidelines recommend the same manufacturer for both garage door and garage door opener. This ensures that your door and opener is working at an optimal level and with reliable performance. The right garage opener is designed to fit your particular garage door and meets the needs of your operations. 


Our Commercial Operator classification specifications are listed out below:

  • Heavy-Duty Operators: RHX operators are heavy-duty and operate up to 60 cycles per hour under a large constant load.
  • Standard Duty Operators: RSX operators are standard duty and operate up to 60 cycles per hour during peak usage periods only.
  • Medium Duty Operators: RMX operators are medium-duty and operate at 15 cycles per hour.
  • Light Duty Operators: CDX operators are light-duty and operate at 4 cycles per hour.

Final thoughts 

The main priority of a garage door opener is to open and shut the door safely. A commercial-grade opener is designed for heavy-duty applications to be able to handle daily tasks and constant use. Always consult with a certified commercial garage door technician who can help you choose the most suitable commercial garage opener for your operations. 

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