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How to keep your garage cool in the summer

keep your garage cool in summer

Alberta has had a record-breaking summer so far, with temperatures rising above 35 degrees celsius. For some, extremely hot days are welcome and enjoyed, but they can become unpleasant for others, especially if you spend a lot of time in the garage. Did you know that the garage temperature can be as much as 10 degrees hotter than the outside temperature? When it’s over 35 degrees outside, this is at unbearable and even dangerous levels. The good news is, you don’t have to restrict your time in the garage working on hobbies to cooler days. Here are a few different ways to keep your garage cool in the summer. 

Park your vehicle outside after you’ve used it

After using your vehicle, the heat will continue to radiate from the hood after it’s been shut off. This adds a few degrees to your already hot garage. Parking your recently used vehicle outside is a simple and easy solution to keeping your garage cool.

Upgrade the insulation

Insulation is a key factor in keeping your garage cool during the summer and warmer in the winter. However, many garages lack the proper insulation. Insulation is important because it reduces the amount of heat and cold being transferred into the garage. Without insulation, it takes longer for the temperature in the garage to cool down, and in the winter, it can even impact how cold your home gets if you have an attached garage. 

Different types of materials for residential garage doors act as natural insulators, such as wood and wood composite. Another way to help your garage stay cool is by replacing damaged weatherstripping and silicone caulking. There are ventilated garage door features; however, this is not always ideal for our winter climate. 

Use a fan

Fans are an inexpensive way to keep your garage cool. Keep in mind that fans don’t necessarily lower the temperature coming in from the outside air, but rather they keep the airflow circulating to provide some relief. If you spend a lot of time in your garage and these record-breaking summers continue, it may be time to consider calling your local garage door company about insulation upgrades and even changing your residential garage door. 


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