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Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Door and Opener

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Your garage door and garage door opener are used every day. We typically don’t think twice about them and trust that they will work when they need to – that is, until a problem arises and your day is suddenly disrupted because you can’t get your vehicle out of your garage.

Like any type of machinery, garage door components require regular maintenance to keep them working for years. Residential garage door maintenance ensures that all parts are working correctly and helps extend the life of the motor and the residential garage door. Thankfully, issues can be avoided with the following maintenance tips.

Maintaining your garage door and opener

  1. Pay attention to strange noises – Your garage door and opener should operate smoothly with very little noise. If you hear rumbling or squeaking, it could indicate a loose spring, coil tension, roller, or hinge. Call a garage door technician to have a look and avoid touching high-tension springs, as they can be dangerous.
  2. Lubricate moving parts – You can lubricate garage door parts yourself or leave this task to the experts as part of your regular garage door maintenance visit. Keeping garage door parts lubricated takes only minutes and ensures the garage door operates seamlessly.
  3. Clear the tracks of debris – Remove any debris on the tracks located on either side of the door. If you notice damage or if the tracks are unbalanced, major adjustments and replacements must be done by a professional garage door technician.
  4. Photo eye sensors – The sensors located close to the garage floor on either side of the door prevent doors from closing when there is something in the way. This is an important safety feature that prevents serious accidents and injury. Make sure the sensors are aligned, and gently clean them with a soft cloth or cotton swab. Test the sensors by closing the garage door and waving an object in front of them. The garage door should automatically lift back up.
  5. Keep up with regular garage door maintenance – Last but certainly not least, schedule a yearly garage door service appointment. A professional technician will take the time to check all components for wear and tear, test the garage door, replace any damaged parts, lubricate moving parts, tighten nuts and bolts as needed, and ensures that your garage door is working as it should.

What to do when your garage door opener malfunctions

If your garage door and opener have suddenly stopped working, it’s important to refrain from trying to fix the issue yourself. Garage doors have many moving parts and high-tension springs that can be fatal if deployed incorrectly.

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