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It’s very rare that a homeowner would opt for a manual garage door, unless for a very specific purpose or for an additional, specialized garage. The convenience, safety, and control of automatic garage doors are just a few of the benefits they have over their manual counterparts. Nevertheless, if you are considering manual vs automatic garage doors in Calgary, we want to help you make an informed decision that fits your particular needs. We cover some of the most important factors of garage doors below.


First and foremost, garage door safety is the priority. One of the most significant advantages of automatic garage doors over manual is their safety features. Automatic doors automatically stop and lift up if there is an object blocking the door from closing. Conversely, manual doors do not have this mechanism and will crush anything that rolls under the door at the last second.


Security becomes a crucial concern for attached garages, and manual garage doors are an opportunity for intruders to enter your home with ease. Automatic doors can only be opened by a programmed remote, making it a bit more challenging for intruders to enter.

Modern garage door openers can now be accessed remotely by your wireless device. If you’ve forgotten to close your garage door when you leave the house, you can use the app on your device to close it from anywhere in the world. You also have the option of setting a notification alert if someone accesses the door while you’re not home. This provides a level of security that manual garage doors do not.


Unlike manual doors, automatic garages require a little more attention and effort for maintenance. There are many moving parts to an automatic garage door, including high-tension springs, the motor, and sensors. These parts need routine maintenance, including cleaning, lubricating, and the regular professional garage door service to be able to function properly.

One of the benefits of a manual door is that they don’t have mechanical problems or moving parts that break down. When an automatic garage door has component issues, you’ll most likely need the help of a professional garage door technician.


Last but certainly not least, the convenience that automatic garage doors provide is unparalleled when compared to manual doors. During rainy days or freezing temperatures in Calgary, you have the comfort of opening the door with the ease of pushing a button. If you’re injured or have physical limitations, an automatic garage door becomes invaluable to your daily routine.


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