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The 5 Most Common Commercial Garage Door Problems

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Commercial Garage Door

Commercial garage doors play a critical role in the smooth operation of many types of businesses. From loading docks that require steel doors to security grids in a condo building, a commercial door undergoes stress from frequent daily use. Even the most well-built and quality garage doors can experience problems over time with normal wear and damage.

Commercial Garage Door
Commercial Garage Door

Below are the most common issues to look out for that require a professional commercial garage door repair:

1. Door Fails to Open

Torsion springs and cables are required for commercial garage door openers to function properly. If a spring breaks or a cable is worn, the doors will not be able to open and close. When this problem occurs, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your local commercial garage door company in Calgary.

Torsion springs are tightly wound and are dangerous without the proper tools and equipment. These crucial parts require regular maintenance to make sure that they are working in proper order.

2. Misaligned or Damaged Tracks

For overhead commercial garage doors, metal tracks guide the door as it lifts and shuts. When these tracks become misaligned or damaged, the door will not open or close all the way. A professional garage door technician can straighten or repair the track.

If you notice warping in your commercial garage door, it’s important to get this looked at as soon as possible to prevent the tracks from becoming more damaged and needing a complete replacement.

3. Unusual Noises

If unusual noises are coming from your commercial garage door upon opening and closing, dirty rollers may be the culprit. Over time, debris can gather on the rollers and become damaged. Be sure to regularly clean your rollers and watch for corroded rollers that need replacing.

4. Broken Panels

With the constant use of commercial garage doors, it’s common for panels to become dented and damaged. The good news is, it’s possible to replace a single section without having to overhaul the entire door.

5. Power Issues

Another reason why garage doors fail to open and close is a possible problem with the power supply. For heavy commercial garage doors especially, the appropriate amount of power is needed for them to work properly. This specific issue warrants a visit from a professional technician.

Key Takeaways

A quality commercial garage door in Calgary should operate smoothly and efficiently. If you notice even the smallest of issues, be sure to get your garage door checked right away before it becomes a more costly repair.

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