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The Difference between Residential Garage Doors and Commercial Garage Doors

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Commercial Garage Doors

Residential and commercial garage doors essentially perform the same function – to let people, vehicles, and equipment in and out of garages. For most people, garage doors are lumped in the same category because of their primary use. However, the difference between the two extends further than their name.

We discuss the main difference between residential and commercial garage doors that will help our readers better understand the functionalities of garage door systems.

Residential Garage Doors
Residential Garage Doors


When comparing residential garage doors and commercial garage doors, the significant difference that separates the two is how they are used. Commercial garage doors are designed to handle heavy and frequent use. The garage door systems for a commercial garage are built to last, including components that allow it to open and close quickly and efficiently.


To expand on the build of a commercial garage door, the spring system is an important component to be familiar with. One of the main reasons for the significant size and weight difference between a residential and commercial garage door are the springs.

For industrial use such as a loading dock, heavy-duty springs allow the doors to be used anywhere from 25 to 100,000 cycles a day without breaking down. This type of hardware is not necessary or practical for a residential garage door to have.


Some custom-built residential garage doors can be several feet taller than the standard size to accommodate motorhomes. For commercial applications, garage doors typically need to be taller to clear large trucks, equipment, and other items. The size difference between residential garage doors and commercial garage doors also ties in with the difference in their weight.


Residential garage doors focus on aesthetics to increase the curb appeal of homes. On the other hand, commercial garage doors are defined by function.

For this reason, residential garage doors can come in a variety of materials, colours, and design options. Meanwhile, the majority of commercial garage doors are simple and ideally made of aluminum or galvanized steel.


Given the nature of commercial garage door applications, they tend to cost significantly more to install and repair than residential garage doors. With the higher cost of commercial doors, they are rarely used for residential applications.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for a stronger residential garage door, keep in mind that there are options to add structural strength to a garage door. For commercial garage doors, always consult your local garage door professional to help you find one that will stand up to your commercial use. All things considered, both types of garage doors are best left for their specified applications.

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