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Types Of Commercial Garage Doors

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Commercial garage doors various types

Commercial garage doors play a significant role above and beyond just allowing for the passageway. They provide protection and security when storing vehicles or inventory. They aid in the ventilation of air and can come with windows to allow for more sunlight. They also help with the workflow for industries that continuously load and unload equipment.

Knowing the primary function of your commercial garage door will help you determine what type of door and features you need. Below, we summarize four main types of commercial garage doors, their advantages, and their unique functions.


1. Rolling Service Door

These metal-slatted commercial garage doors are designed to meet the needs of environments where durability, reliability, and security are a necessity. Rolling service doors operate with an upward coiling system that provides a clean solution for establishments that have limited headroom and side room. These doors are commonly found in distribution centres and warehouses.

2. Fire Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors operate in the same way roll-up doors do, with the biggest difference being that fire-rated doors are made from a thick stainless steel material. As the name suggests, fire-rated doors are fire resistant and offer greater insulation. They also come with an auto-closing feature in the event of a fire.

3. Security Grilles

This type of commercial door is often seen in malls and airport concourses where security is a priority but air circulation is also required. Security grilles come in upward-coiling or side-folding models and are made of galvanized steel or aluminum.

Retail establishments benefit greatly from the variety of colours, patterns, material, and unique designs that security grilles offer to match the aesthetics of their business. These doors provide an effective safety barrier against theft and are easy to operate.

4. Sectional Doors

One of the most popular commercial garage doors in Calgary, sectional doors are made of galvanized steel panels and can be purchased with insulated features that can handle extreme weather conditions. Sectional garage doors operate with high-tension springs and hinged panels that roll on vertical tracks on either side of the door.

These doors come in a range of colours and textures, are low maintenance, and are a reliable choice for many businesses.

Choosing A Commercial Garage Door

The options for commercial garage doors are not limited to the above. Innovation and technology have greatly improved industrial door applications. Commercial garage doors are not only functional and can withstand heavy use, but they are also designed well to seamlessly match the aesthetics of your building. Whether you operate a warehouse or a retail store, there is an option available for you.

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