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5 Things to Check before Hiring a Window Replacement Company

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While it’s true that modern windows can reduce your energy bill and provide added security to your home, your windows are only as efficient as the installation. The first step to ensure a quality window replacement in Lethbridge is to find a reputable window company. Use the following information as a guide to help you find the right contractor.

Window Replacement
Window Replacement

1. The company’s warranty or any guarantees on their work

Check the window company’s warranty on their products as well as a warranty or guarantee on their workmanship. They should cover any defects that may result from the installation process and have a policy in place for their window products. Don’t hesitate to ask about how they approach client complaints regarding any issues with their windows after installation.

2. The installation process

A professional window installer should be able to walk you through the entire window replacement process. The installation typically begins with an assessment to look for any issues with the frame, followed by the necessary recommendations. An experienced company will have a good idea of how long the window replacement will take and be clear about costs or any additional work needed.

3. The company’s business license

Before hiring a window installation company, be sure that they are licensed to operate in Lethbridge. You’ll want to verify that there are no serious complaints against the company. Any glaring issues are a big red flag about the company.

4. Customer reviews

While one or two negative reviews are generally not a cause for concern, be wary of a window company with consistent negative comments from past customers. Take some time to read through both good and bad reviews to get an idea of the company’s reputation and how they deal with dissatisfied clients.

5. Ask for a quote

Compare quotes from various window companies in Lethbridge to get a feel of the fair market price. Be wary of prices that are much cheaper than the rest. Remember, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. When it comes to your windows, a critical safety feature of your home, going with the most economical choice is typically not the priority. Instead, you want to focus on finding a company with the experience and expertise to complete the job properly and efficiently.

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