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What You Need To Know About Wind Load Residential Garage Doors

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Did you know that heavy winds and relentless storms can cause your residential garage door to buckle and detach from its tracks? With Alberta’s unpredictable weather, many homeowners choose to invest in wind load garage doors for added protection and peace of mind.

When we talk about wind load garage doors, often the picture that comes to mind is a thick plain steel door with unsightly reinforcements that become an eyesore for our home. The good news is, that’s not the case!

At Overhead Door Company of Lethbridge, Calgary & Cranbrook, our wind load residential garage door collection offers both functionality and beauty. With industry-leading engineering and stylish designs, you don’t have to sacrifice curb appeal for quality. As the original garage door company operating since 1921, we have the experience and expertise to transform your garage door into one that can resist the impact of high winds and harsh weather conditions.

The benefits of a wind load garage door

Wind load garage doors are designed, engineered, and tested to remain intact through the toughest of storms, including high winds and hurricanes. The difference between a wind load residential garage door and a regular door in Lethbridge, Calgary, & Cranbrook are the frames, material, and hardware.

Wind load doors are equipped with durable tracks, hinges, brackets, and springs supported by heavy-duty frames and U-bars to enhance stability. Some of the benefits of having a window load residential garage door in Calgary include:

  • Minimal or no property damage during storms
  • Protection from internal and external pressure
  • Enhanced safety and security for your home
  • The value of your home increases
  • Possible cost savings on your home insurance policy

Wind load garage door collection

At Overhead Door Company of Lethbridge, Calgary & Cranbrook, we provide the following residential garage door collections with wind load options available.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Courtyard Collection® 7565 Series – Made of polyurethane insulation and 2 robust layers of steel. The Courtyard Collection is beautifully crafted to resemble carriage house doors while providing incredible strength against tough weather conditions. The insulation makes these residential garage doors incredibly thermal efficient with an R-value of 12.12.

You can customize your Courtyard Collection garage door with 5 different colours – White, Almond, Taupe, Brown, and Black with a wood grain or smooth finish and a wide range of designs and window options to choose from.

The Thermacore Collection® 5745/5765 SeriesThe thermacore collection is also made of polyurethane insulation and 2 layers of corrosion-resistant steel with a few more style options and colours to choose from. Thermacore® residential wind load garage doors are engineered with gauge steel end caps for enhanced strength and to protect the insulation from damage. The weather seal at the bottom of the garage door provides a cushion while offering protection against wind and rain.

Customize your Thermacore® residential wind load garage doors with a wood grain finish of your choice – Golden Oak, Walnut, or Mission Oak and a colour that matches your home’s aesthetics perfectly – White, Almond, Taupe, Brown, or Black.

Traditional Steel – Our traditional steel residential garage doors at Overhead Door Company of Lethbridge, Calgary & Cranbrook are affordable, made of quality materials, and designed to resist impact from high winds. You can expect reinforced hardware, an insulated door system with thermal efficiencies, and impact-rated glass for protection.

Choose from a Walnut or Mission Oak wood grain finish and simple neutral colours to match – White, Almond, Desert Tan, Taupe, or Brown. Our traditional steel collection combines classic design with long-lasting performance.

How to choose the right residential garage door material

The options for colour, style, design, and little details down to the glass type are endless when it comes to residential garage doors! When designing your wind load door, we recommend using our DoorView® Garage Door Designer.

This interactive tool allows you to test out a variety of different styles and colours that will match perfectly with your home. The software helps you visualize the garage door so you can be confident in your decision.

And of course, if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your residential garage door needs. We provide both on-call and regularly-scheduled maintenance to keep your garage doors operating efficiently year-round. With locations in Lethbridge, Calgary & Cranbrook and you can count on us to be here when you need us.

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