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Why you need to replace your garage door cable

Garage Door Replacement

A worn or broken garage door cable needs replacement as soon as possible. Before we take a closer look at the role of your garage door cable, we must note that any repair or replacement of large parts calls for the skill of a certified and trained garage door technician. 


If you notice issues with the cable or high-tension springs, the first thing to do is call your professional garage door repair company. 

Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Repair

Why is a garage door cable important?


The role of the garage door cable is to ensure the safety of the high-tension springs. The springs in your garage door are powerful and hold the tension that the door needs to lift and shut. Over time, these springs go through general wear and tear. Worn springs pose a safety hazard as they can break. Homeowners who have experienced a broken garage door spring often refer to the sound as a loud popping noise. 


If a spring breaks, the cable acts as a safeguard that allows the spring to slide down rather than fly out into the garage or, worse yet, on a passerby. Safety is the main reason why cables need to be in good working condition. 


What can I expect with a garage door cable repair?


A professional technician will come in to inspect your garage door fully and identify any other issues or potential safety hazards. For safety, they’ll turn off the garage door opener and open the garage door fully to release the tension.


Clamps are used on both sides to ensure that the garage door stays open. Your garage door technician will then unhook the springs, remove the broken cable, install a new cable, and hook the springs back. 


What’s included in a garage door maintenance check?


Along with repairing and replacing any worn or damaged parts, a garage door maintenance check typically includes the following:


    • Testing the garage door opener 
    • Testing the auto-reverse feature
    • Testing the auto sensors
    • Testing if the garage door is balanced
    • Repair or replacing broken springs
    • Checking any bends or dents in the tracks


Final thoughts


Identifying potential issues in your garage doors, such as worn cables or springs, can be difficult to the untrained eye. Much like a vehicle and other areas of your home, having a regular maintenance plan for your garage door is one of the best ways to make sure that all parts are in good working condition. 


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