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How to extend the life of your garage door

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extend the life of your garage door

Replacing a garage door can be an additional (and most times, unexpected) expense, so it’s no surprise that homeowners would want to do everything they can to extend its lifespan. Garage doors can typically last a minimum of 15 years if cared for properly. Let’s take a look at how you can extend this time and get the most of your garage door in Lethbridge.

Always stick to a maintenance schedule

Like any mechanical or electrical equipment, keeping up with regular garage door maintenance services will help keep it lasting longer. Be sure to schedule maintenance work at least once a year. A professional technician will look at the torsion springs, which are usually the first part that needs replacing. Your technician will look for any damages that can lead to more serious issues down the road, clean and lubricate the parts, and test the garage opener for any problems. 

Clean and lubricate the rollers and tracks

In between scheduled garage door services, you can do some seasonal care throughout the year. Here are a few garage door maintenance tips that are safe and simple to do: 

  • Wash both sides of the door to remove dirt and grime, especially in the springtime after the harsh elements of winter and in the fall before the colder months set in.
  • Remove debris that can go into the tracks, such as leaves and pebbles. Do a thorough wipe down of the rollers and tracks.
  • Lubricate the moving parts, including the springs, hinges, and rollers.

Avoid doing repairs yourself

Other service work, such as troubleshooting the opener or replacing any parts, should be left in the hands of a professional. Although some repairs may seem straightforward, they may not be the right type of repair for a particular problem. Trained and certified technicians can properly diagnose the issue and carry out the correct service. If you attempt to do it yourself, you risk making the issue worse and can do more damage than good. 

Keep the garage door closed

As much as possible, keep the garage door closed, especially during winter. The garage door components are not meant to be exposed to the elements for longer than they should. Additionally, debris and dust blowing into the garage can clog the tracks and cause a build-up in the springs and cables. 

Never ignore minor issues

Last but certainly not least, if you notice even the slightest of problems with your garage door, call a service technician right away. Listen for strange noises and watch for a garage door opener that’s not as responsive as it should be. Often, these issues are small fixes, but the important part is to have them repaired right away before they become a major issue. 


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