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The importance of keyless entry for garage doors

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keyless entry for a garage

If you are considering getting a keyless garage door system, you’ve come to the right place. There are many, many advantages of keyless entry garage doors. Here are a few common scenarios where a keyless entry can be beneficial to you.


When you forget your garage door opener

A common situation is when a car owner swaps their car for a rental while their primary vehicle is in the repair shop, but they’ve forgotten to grab their garage door opener from their car. Another common occurrence is misplacing the garage door opener, which happens to many people. Keyless garage door systems allow you to punch in a code when your garage opener is not available. As long as you have the code, you can access your garage.

When you want to go for a bike ride around the neighbourhood

People who store their bikes in their garage know this process all too well. When you want to take your bike out for a ride around the neighbourhood, you’ll need to open the garage door, get the bike out, and take your garage door opener with you, which can be a nuisance if you’re not carrying any other keys or extra items. It also comes with the risk of losing the garage door opener during your bike ride.

A keyless entry eliminates the need to carry around a garage door opener. Additionally, this is great for homes with children. With their garage door code, they can easily get their outdoor items in and out of the garage.

When a guest needs to enter your home

When a friend or family member needs to access your garage or your home, but you’re not there, you can provide them with a temporary code that only works for a limited time. Another advantage is that codes can be changed, which we recommend doing every few months for security reasons.

When you’re looking for a secure option for accessing your garage door

The main concern regarding keyless garage door systems is their safety. Many homeowners are concerned about the safety and security of their garage door if they install a keyless entry. Remember, modern systems are much tougher to hack than older ones, thanks to advancements in technology. To enhance the security of your home, you can also pair your keyless garage door system with a modern opener that alerts you when someone has opened your garage door or if you’ve forgotten to close it.

Final thoughts

Keyless garage door systems are a great addition to your garage. They provide an additional level of convenience that is reliable and safe.


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