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Did you know that a garage door replacement is ranked as the top home improvement project that brings the highest resale value? That’s right, a new garage door surpasses kitchen renovations, a new deck, and bathroom remodeling, among a list of home improvements as one of the top investments. Let’s take a look at why replacing your garage door has one of the highest returns when it comes to putting your home up on the market.

Cost-effective with a significant impact on curb appeal

Compared to other home projects, a garage door replacement is relatively inexpensive yet it has a huge impact on a home’s perceived value, especially if it’s a front-facing garage. A new garage door replacement improves the curb appeal significantly because it takes up such a large portion of the home’s exterior.

The garage is one of the first things that a potential buyer sees as they walk up to your property. Buyers are looking for a good first impression – in fact, realtors say some buyers won’t even bother looking inside the home if the exterior is not up to par.

Impacts the home’s overall value

A garage door replacement goes beyond the exterior appeal. In the minds of prospective buyers, a safe home is of great value. An old garage door with visible damage and in need of repair will certainly turn buyers away because it’s seen as a security issue.

Modern garage door opener features such as photosensors, remote access to the garage on your smartphone, and security alerts add to the appeal for potential buyers. Because the garage is considered a main point of entry for intruders, the enhanced security features of a garage door replacement are a necessary and important factor.

Additionally, a new sturdy garage door with insulation, weatherstripping, and a high R-value (thermal resistance) is energy-efficient. Features that can help homeowners save money on energy and utility costs are highly desirable and increases the home’s overall value.

In line with the latest home improvement trends

As home improvement trends evolve, so do garage door designs to match a home’s aesthetics. Many homeowners make the mistake of overlooking the garage door while completing trendy and modern renovations in and around the house.

The garage is more than ‘just’ a place to park your vehicles and store your belongings – it’s a component of your home that the household relies on daily. A new and improved garage door can make or break a sale – and for this reason, should be one of the top home improvement projects before putting a property up for sale.

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